For over 25 years, Rainbow City Performing Arts has been performing in the Puget Sound region and is a growing home for musicians of all identities. We have a mission to promote the equity and visibility of LGBTQIA+ people and we exhibit that in both how we operate and in how we perform to the public. Donate to RCPA today to help support our mission!

We perform a wide variety of music but place emphasis on music written and arranged by people of color and LGBTQ+ identities. We want to support these artists and composers both with our funding as well as bringing more visibility through performance. We also commission works from composers of marginalized identities to directly fund the creation of new art.

We invite all people to join us and show respect for all identities. We are proud of the work of all our members and that includes our straight allies. Through our diversity, we have found strength in our commonalities!

We welcome members regardless of skill level or ability. Our ensembles provide many opportunities for personal growth and education in music and we have members of all levels working together for collective improvement.

Income and material wealth should not limit participation, so we operate an Angel Fund to allow members to cover their dues 100% and we offer the use of our own instruments when available. The generosity of our own members has funded these efforts while we try to grow the organization through outside funding assistance.

Operating this organization takes thousands of volunteer hours per year and we have many members generous with their time to make this effort possible.

We need your help to provide us with adequate funding to compensate our professional musical leaders and provide a sustainable base to ensure our organization can thrive for many years in the future. Our goal is to be able to extend the impact of our members and volunteers by professionalizing more and more of our operations each year. We also have large costs for operating our rehearsals due to rising space rental costs.

Donate to RCPA to fund our expenses and allow us to expand our mission and be inclusive to more members!