Who we are

Renegayde is an informal pep band consisting of musicians who enjoy putting smiles on faces through short, fun performances of popular tunes. When Renegayde gets a request, we check availability among all of the Rainbow City Performing Arts musicians - currently active or not - who have expressed an interest in playing with the pep band, and if enough people are interested and available, we go! We don't have any mandatory rehearsals (though we'll occasionally meet to run through some music if people would like some practice), and participation is strictly optional per event.

What we do

Renegayde is all about casual fun and spirit-raising. We typically play at events that won't fit on the marching band's schedule, are outside of marching season, or where a marching band wouldn't fit. We are also called upon from time to time to play in venues where a live band is totally unexpected (such as a surprise birthday party or a breakfast meeting), and we always leave people smiling.

Over the past several years we have played at a wide variety of events: Roller derbies with the Jet City Rollergirls, Rat City Rollergirls, and Tilted Thunder; the Bat-N-Rouge softball game/fundraiser; the Rainier Valley Heritage Parade; the NAGAAA national softball championship; the Walk for Hope; the Tour de Cure; holiday caroling in Seattle and Edmonds; performance art by local artists; and private and corporate events such as employee celebrations and birthday parties.

Our history

Renegayde was the brainchild of former drum major Brandon Scalf, who wanted the band to be able to participate in the 20th anniversary Seattle AIDS Walk in 2006. The walk was scheduled in September, after our marching uniforms and music had been returned and our drumline equipment checked back in. Renegayde was conceived as a group that would be available year-round, providing music with minimal preparation and requiring no ongoing commitment from members. After performing for the AIDS Walk and some promotional events for the concert band, Renegayde became an important resource for the band, responding to requests received from community members and organizations looking for fun, high-energy entertainment.