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The concert band plays from September through March each year. We typically perform a fall concert in October, a holiday concert in December, and a spring concert in March. These concerts feature a wide variety of musical styles, and range from well-known classic music to more contemporary pieces that expose our audiences to new composers and musical styles.

Concert season provides an opportunity for the band's musicians to develop their playing skills both individually and as an ensemble. The band rehearses weekly, and once a month rehearsal is reserved for sectional work to improve skills and playing in smaller groups.

The band performs at venues around the greater Seattle area. We sell tickets to our concerts to help raise the funds needed to operate the band. Some concerts also feature guest artists that perform with the band; past guests have included clarinet, trumpet, trombone, piano, and organ soloists as well as choral groups.

Concert Band FAQ

Thinking about picking up your instrument and joining us for our concert season? Here are answers to some common questions about the band's fall/winter/spring concert season:

What is Rainbow City Band?

Rainbow City Band is a non-audition community band consisting of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight members from all around the Puget Sound area. We develop musicianship and camaraderie among our members while representing the LGBTQA community in local events and in outreach performances outside the local area.

How much experience do I need?

You'll do best with at least basic playing experience in a band or orchestra, but it doesn't need to be recent. For each concert, we choose a variety of music to provide growth opportunities for musicians at all levels of experience while providing a comfortable place to get back your chops if you haven't played in a while. You'll need to read music to learn these pieces, but there are plenty of people available to help if you haven't read music in awhile. In addition to our full-band rehearsals, we also have monthly sectionals to focus on challenging passages and to share expertise with one another.

Do you provide instruments? I don't own one.

The band owns some instruments, primarily for our percussion section. Many of our members rent instruments or purchase a used instrument if they haven't held onto their instrument of days gone by. If you'd like to play but don't have an instrument, contact us or just come to a rehearsal; the other players in your section can provide you suggestions or might know of instruments that are available.

What if I haven't played my instrument for a long time?

We have members that have gone as long as 30 years without playing... and then saw the Rainbow City Band, thought, "you know, I really miss playing," and picked up their instrument again. The band is a great place to get back into music!

Do I need to be very skilled?

Rainbow City Band has members with a wide variety of skills - people who haven't played an instrument for long; others who have switched to a new instrument; and even a few bona fide music teachers with degrees in music performance or conducting. Everyone is welcome!

Do I have to be lesbian, gay, or transgendered to become a member?

Rainbow City Band welcomes members of any sexual orientation or gender identity. Some of our most dedicated members are straight!

How often do you practice?

During our concert season, we rehearse weekly beginning in September. We take a short break between our holiday concert in early December and our spring season that begins in January. Occasionally, we'll have an extra rehearsal to prepare for a concert.

Where do you rehearse?

We rehearse at the Wedgwood Community Church at the corner of 30th Ave NE and NE 82nd Street. Our rehearsal space has chairs, but you'll need to bring your own music stand. And don't forget a pencil!

Where do you perform?

We try to perform concerts at a variety of venues around the Seattle area, and occasional performances outside the local area. Our performance calendar lists upcoming concert locations.

What does this cost me?

Typically, members pay dues ($15 per month), and are responsible for concert dress, which is typically a black shirt and black slacks or skirt.

Recognizing that some of our members may be on a limited income or have other financial hardships, we offer scholarships to offset dues or other expenses. We don't want financial limitations to prevent your participation in the band! To find out more about scholarships, just contact us.

How do I get started?

It's easy! Just contact us at rainbowcityband@onebox.com or (866) 841-9139 x2126, or just come to one of our rehearsals. If you need more information about the band, rehearsals, or sharing rides, just let us know. We can help!

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