Purple Passion Swing Band

We need a bass player! Do you know someone who enjoys swing/big band music and plays the bass? Let us know!

Also, mark your calendars for a free event coming up in June:

Purple Passion Swing Band
Saturday, June 16 at 7PM
Crossroads Mall Market Stage

Do you have an upcoming event in need of live music? We're always looking for new opportunities to perform - contact us!

Join Us for Marching and Pep Band!

Have you been waiting for the right time to join a musical group? (Or another musical group?) Or perhaps you've always thought it would be fun to spin flags in a color guard - or used belong to a color guard and miss it.

Now's the time!

We have two upcoming opportunities for you to learn more about Rainbow City Performing Arts' ensembles and get your feet wet:

Justice for All: Herstory - March 25

Herstory - Rainbow City Concert Band - March 25

Our Justice for All concert series has been established to celebrate civil rights and our unfinished journey toward equality and unity. Through our music, we plan to honor the LGBTQIA women, men, and gender non-conforming, people of color, immigrants, and other marginalized populations who have fought to make our country great. Our band was formed for Seattle Pride in 1998, and is a proud member of the Lesbian and Gay Band Association.